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Thunder Bay

Judo Dojo

Introduction to our club

Thunder Bay Judo Dojo is an entirely volunteer based, nonprofit judo club. We have been registered with Judo Ontario and Judo Canada and have been affiliated with the world body of Kodokan Judo Institute and the regional Thunder Bay Martial Arts Council for over 25 years. Our membership includes seven black belt instructors who volunteer their time and expertise in the sport of judo. Our fees cover expenses such as room rental at the Volunteer Pool Community Centre and the purchase of equipment such as the judo mats. We have a few fundraising activities throughout the year. The money received from these fundraisers entirely goes to subsidize students who wish to compete at sanctioned tournaments.

Our club participates in the city's Adopt-a-Road program where our members clean Hudson Ave. every year. At the end of the year in late May or early June, our club has an annual BBQ & awards day, where we all get together for all students, family and friends.

We provide expert training in the sport of judo by dedicated, qualified, volunteering black belt instructors. We provide this training in a clean, safe, positive and friendly environment. Parents are advised that in the dojo (the place where the sport of judo is practiced), the sensei (judo instructor) is in charge. If parents have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to discuss such matters with the sensei outside the dojo in a private setting within the centre.

It is our mandate to encourage students to become aware of fitness, nutrition and to practice tolerance of others, and develop a sense of values and a code of ethics which they will carry throughout their lives. At all times we strive to be completely fair to all students regardless of their age, sex, race, etc. We also firmly believe in making judo accessible for children and youth who may be unable to participate in our classes due to lack of funds, so we have supported the city's Positive Recreation Opportunities for Kids (P.R.O. Kids) to help address such matters.

We are proud members/affiliates of: